Building Design

Our qualified and experienced building designer can design your home renovation or dream new build.

Renovating or building a new home can be a stressful process. When required we are happy to guide you through the initial design, development application (DA) and construction process so that it is a positive experience.

Our services focus on delivering design solutions that meet your needs and provide outcomes you are truly happy with. This is communicated through plans, sections, elevations and 3D modelling.

We invest a great deal of thought into each design so that our concepts respond to your families’ needs, lifestyle choices and aesthetic desires. Thoughtful detailing ensures that the integrity of the concept is carried through all aspects of the finished product.

Landscape Architecture

Our qualified and experienced landscape architect and horticulturalist designs gardens, parks, playground and streetscapes for both private residents and public authorities.

Our garden designs respond to your needs, style of the house and site conditions. Drawings, schedules and specifications are prepared that document the materials, finishes and plant species necessary to achieve the desired outcome.

Our designs for public spaces ensure amenity and aesthetic appeal are balanced with functionality and safety. Selection of robust materials and finishes and careful analysis of above and below ground conditions are critical in creating public spaces that stand the test of time.

Consulting Arboriculture

Our qualified (AQF Level 5) and experienced arborist can advise you on the constraints associated with trees and the feasibility of retaining valuable trees on development sites.

Pre-development tree assessments can help guide the location and extent of development on any given site where trees are to be retained and protected.

Our extensive experience in the construction industry will help to inform the viability of existing trees and the impact proposed works will have on tree vitality and long term health.